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    Table of Contents:
    Puttering in the garden
    Garden Projects
    Sierra Foothills
    Garden Craft
    Designing the garden
    CA Native Plants
    Mediterranean and Other plants
    The Meadow project, month by month
    Gardening biography and history
    New Zealand Inspiration
    Photo stories
    Odd bits

    A Garden Philosophy
    Highlights of 2011 in the Sierra Foothill Garden

    Puttering in the garden
    My favorite gardening equipment
    More winter gardening ideas for the Sierra foothills
    Secrets for a weed free garden – mulch, compost and cultivation
    What’s blooming in June
    Gardening in the Rain
    New discoveries, new joys
    What am I ‘really’ doing in the garden today?
    Rambling around in July
    Friends,…I meant to do my work today
    A Winter walk with Maggie
    Why does my coffee get cold?
    Checking on May projects
    Winter check on the Sierra Foothill garden
    In which, I clean up my potting bench
    Sitting…looking up at oaks
    Two garden accidents and a happy ending
    Planting wildflower ‘muffins’
    Let’s check on Fall and Winter projects!
    Mysteries in the mulch
    Past memories and changing your mind
    Woodpiles and other realities in the garden
    What am I really doing in the garden in October?
    Invasive plants and impatience in the garden
    New discoveries, new joys new native plant

    Garden Projects
    Gardening with children- 7 garden projects for you and a child
    I brake for succulents
    My easy seed saving system
    New Year’s Day 2011-My first wintersowing
    Wintersowing, a great January seed starting project
    Building benches and paths of desire
    Wangling wood chips from work crews
    In which, I clean up my potting bench
    Nurse Logs in your garden
    Diane’s greenhouse dream
    How Sharley divides an African Violet
    Junk garden project-Dutch door
    Keeping garden records.
    Decorating with Winter Berries

    First Views (Photo record of the garden, month by month)
    April First views in the Sierra foothills
    March First Views- Snow Dust in the Sierras
    A mild Sierra foothill winter-February First Views
    Indian summer-January First Views
    Two paths and a patio, November First Views
    October First Views-California’s Fifth Season
    September First views

    Sierra Foothills
    Fire cautions in the Sierra Foothills
    Morning snowy foggy tree
    Our valley, one view, two photos
    Riding the High Country Central Camp Road
    New Yosemite Nature Notes-Black Oaks
    Yosemite Nature Notes- Moonbows and Sky Islands
    Hot as an oven, …a California ghost town
    Lewis Creek: The Wildflowers
    Lewis Creek: Converging Ladybugs converge
    How Peckinpah Mountain got its name
    Enjoying Yosemite, a family tradition Yosemite Nature Notes video series
    Shinzen Friendship Garden, a rainy spring story in Fresno Woodward Park
    Local, local, local

    Garden Craft
    How to make an easy garden stepping stone
    Preserving Fall leaves in the Sierra Foothill Garden
    Leaf casting the Indian Rhubarb
    Hypertufa workshop…fun!
    How to make Hypertufa Troughs
    Garden orb of modest materials– bowling ball
    Using ‘found’ broken pots in the garden

    Sierra wind, a whispering train coming
    Orange in the Sierra Foothill Garden What is Alpenglow?
    Celebrate the Summer solstice
    Working quietly along with quail
    Seeing beauty in numbers Design in nature
    Morning Stars
    Design in Nature
    Mysteries in the mulch
    Celebration Sky
    Of fog and rain
    Christmas Day Dawn
    Silent, and soft, and snow
    Sitting…looking up at oaks
    Snow days
    Winter Solstice in the Sierra Foothill Garden

    Designing the garden
    Rain gardens for the Sierra foothills
    Best winter flowering plants for the Sierra foothills
    Thinking plant combinations in a California foothill garden
    Melding gardens and gravel in the Sierra foothills
    Butterfly Gardening: Living leaves in your garden
    Spring 2006-New Front Beds
    First Flower Beds
    First spring at home
    June 2005-Plants Brought from Home
    Planning a large forest garden
    Creating a long lasting garden
    Daffodil design
    The old goat shed

    CA Native Plants
    Drat! Pokeweed! No, Chokecherry!
    Miner’s lettuce surprising seedlings
    Inviting wildlife into your California garden
    What to plant under oaks and pines in the garden?
    Tried and true deer-resistant plants for California Foothills
    Firewise Landscaping in the Sierra Foothills
    Native plants of Lewis and Clark, found in the Sierra Foothills
    Spring’s Ephemerals in the Sierra foothills
    Soap Plant in full bloom Chlorogalum pomeridianum
    Wild Wyethias- sunflowers in the foothills
    Light reflected by elegant brodiaea
    Summer native discoveries
    Not Blow wives, Silverpuffs
    Dandelion, Grand dandelion and Silverpuffs
    A profusion of Pretty Face Triteleia ixioides
    Enough Miner’s lettuce for a salad Claytonia
    May Day bloomers and identifying new native plants
    Foothill Penstemon, vivid and bright
    Sulfur Flower, a native Californian butterfly magnet Buckwheat
    Blue-eyed grass, a native gem Sisyrinchium bellum
    A California native, served sunny side up Matilija poppy
    Planting wildflower ‘muffins’ transplanting
    California natives mix with Mediterranean neighbors
    California Buckeye, always one season ahead
    Manzanita ‘Howard McMinn’ and companions
    Discovering and identifying the Oracle Oak Quercus x morehus
    Marvelous Milkweed, part of a butterfly garden
    Sweet vagrant’ tarweed
    Holocarpha heermannii, Madia elegans
    California Fuchsia, easy to grow, complicated in name Zauschneria californica
    Allelopathic Plants(What?) “I want to be aloooone” Manzanita, walnut

    Mediterranean and Other plants
    Buddleias never drop their flowers
    Euphorbia, drama queen of the Sierra foothill garden
    Barberry Blitz and Intriguing Iris
    Western wildflowers from Wildseed Farms
    August ‘Easter’ Lilies
    Reblooming Iris ‘Hemstitched’
    Ice Wings daffodils
    An Explosion of Asters
    ‘Dragon’s Blood’ and first snow sedum
    Tagetes Mexican marigold
    Camellia ‘Yuletide’ Christmas
    Lavender fields forever
    Red and Pink flowers
    Where the Wild Flowers Are mostly non-native
    Violas in a bright December

    Inviting wildlife into your California garden
    Stellar’s jay means cold weather in Autumn
    December deer What deer say
    Western bluebirds in the Sierra foothill garden
    The ordinary and the amazing birdbath Birds
    Encouraging wildlife with a ‘habitat’
    Our love bugs Bordered plant bugs
    A bee and a wasp that are not Syrphid flies
    Odd garden aliens Praying Mantis
    Butterfly on the buddleia bush
    How to: Meat Bee Trap Discouraging Yellowjackets
    Outwitting gophers in the Sierra foothill garden

    Culinary Herb garden in a basket
    How to make your own delicious dried tomatoes
    Volunteer dill peeks in window
    Have you ever baked a pumpkin?
    My green onion garden

    The Meadow project, month by month
    What am I really doing in the garden in October?  Planning and removing weeds
    Do you dream of a natural and beautiful wildflower meadow?  Finding and sowing seeding
    Let’s check for progress on the meadow!  Weeding and watching the weather
    How to weed a meadow in the Sierra Foothills  More weeding…letting the sprouts thrive
    Let’s check on Fall and Winter projects!  Identifying seedlings
    The wildflower meadow in May   Small triumphs
    My California native meadow in June  Starting to bloom
    The midsummer meadow  The peak bloom
    Stomping down the Autumn meadow  Neatening up
    Native California meadow in the second year

    Time Tracking in the Garden
    Watering CA native plants in the Sierra foothills
    Invasive plants and impatience in the garden Ugh…Mexican primrose
    Woodpiles and other realities in the garden a neat garden
    Past memories and changing your mind ripping out Shasta daisies
    Gardening without Pain tips to safe gardening
    The story of California native gardens is the story of weeds Strategies
    Two garden accidents and a happy ending
    Outwitting gophers in the Sierra foothill garden

    Gardening biography and history
    How Peckinpah Mountain got its name
    Riding the High Country Central Camp Road-  Madera County
    Lester Rowntree, a hardy Californian CA Native plant pioneer
    Franklane L. Sewell, artist to the chicken stars!
    Native plants of Lewis and Clark, found in the Sierra Foothills
    Why did these gummy resins make good presents?Frankincense and myrrh
    Emerson in the Sierra foothills New Year
    Winter Solstice in the Sierra Foothill Garden

    New Zealand Inspiration
    Preparing for a trip to New Zealand
    New Zealand Week- Sunday- Rarangi Beach
    NZ Week- Monday – Blenheim Wineries and Gardens
    NZ Week- Tuesday – Totaranui and Abel Tasman Nat’l Park
    Wild birds of NZ
    NZ Week- Thurday — Art and Gardens of Nelson, NZ
    NZ Week- Friday — Picton and the Marlborough Sounds
    NZ Week- Saturday — The Plants of New Zealand
    A New Zealand inspired California rock garden

    Your new life and its keywords Home planning
    Building a command post Redwood table
    Scale Map of the Sierra Foothill Garden
    The rock outside the back door
    Then and Now– the patios
    Design-Using the colors of the Sierras
    How we made our escape from the city and changed our lives
    Choosing a home builder in the Sierra Foothills
    Babes in the woods- preparing a place to build our house
    Then and Now-The back slope

    October 2000-The adventure begins…we buy property
    2000 November- one step forward and two steps back
    April 2001-We turn our property into a campsite
    Design-Using the Colors of the Sierras
    May 2001- Grading for Mother’s Day
    July 2001 The world’s most expensive campsite
    August 2001- Fire Strikes!
    Autumn 2001- Settling into camp
    Easter week 2002
    Bike race down 007 trail
    Memorial Day 2002
    Country means outbuilding first, house later
    February framing and planting without a hose

    Photo stories
    wordless blooming wednesday November 10, 2010 asters and sage
    wordless corgi wednesday November 17, 2010 Maggie
    wordless thankful wednesday November 24, 2010 birds
    wordless watchable wednesday December 7, 2010 deer
    wordless watery wednesday December 15, 2010 storm
    wordless wintery wednesday December 22, 2010 pine
    wordless waterlogged wednesday December 29, 2010 storm
    wordless welcome wednesday January 5, 2011  camellia
    wordless worn-out wednesday February 9, 2011 shoes
    wordless woodland wednesday February 23, 2011 wood and sky
    wordless weathered wednesday March 2, 2011 junkola
    wordless weedy wednesday March 16, 2011 filaree
    wordless watercolor wednesday March 23, 2011  cherry blossoms
    wordless wildish wednesday March 30, 2011 blue flax
    wordless white wednesday April 6, 2011 cherry blossoms
    wordless wanton wednesday April 13, 2011 ceanothus
    wordless warning wednesday April 27, 2011 storm on the mountain

    Odd bits
    Happy Valentine’s to my friends
    Gardening globally….widening my horizons Neat blogs from faraway
    Dave’s Garden Photo Contest entries– 2010
    Switching from natives to roses on our mountain! This April first joke got me in trouble…oops!
    When I’m ‘gardening’ on the net… links and resources

    Notes: How to make a blog archive

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    1. Charlotte Heckerman
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      As a new resident to the area I found you website when looking for deer resident plants in Google for Coarsegold. It is wonderful to find so much information for this area in one site. Hope to meet you sometime.
      Thanks for all your work on website and sharing .

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