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    Building benches and paths of desire

    by  • June 23, 2011 • Design, How to, Projects

    Places to sit in the garden?  You’ve got to have them. Especially when the place is affectionately called ‘Rancho Relaxo.’ First the paths… We took our time to figure out where to lay out paths and the words “paths of desire,” I’d read about stuck in my head. Paths of desire are where you...

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    Working quietly along with quail

    by  • June 19, 2011 • Projects, Sierra Foothills

    Weeding the natural meadow I work quietly, allowing my thoughts to fade away into just being. I especially don’t think about the enormity of my goal, and the only urgency I feel is the one. The weeds are going to seed. The last three days I have spent in the natural meadow two levels...

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    Garden orb of modest materials

    by  • June 10, 2011 • Design, Projects, Something different, Spring

    Everyone has seen these garden spheres in the garden, but recently after finding a bowling ball at Oakhurst’s “Clutter Clearance” I decided to try decorating one. I was inspired by an example found online on Google images, bought some bags of ‘gems’ used for filling vases to hold stems straight. Start with a clean and...

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    Checking on May projects

    by  • May 27, 2011 • Garden, Projects, Spring

    Notes on what I am really doing in the garden. Mexican Primrose eradication in front beds Last Fall I decided to sift the soil of the front beds after the first quick weeding did nothing to get rid of this stubborn pretty. It is pretty at one stage, but dries to tall sticks throughout...

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    Nurse Logs in your garden

    by  • March 18, 2011 • Design, Garden, How to, Projects

    I first noticed the beneficial qualities of rotting logs when I gardened in the suburbs. The tree trimmers left stacks of logs next to the street trees and I promptly snagged as many as I could for flower beds edgings. As they broke down over the years, I could see that they were home...

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    Planning a large forest garden

    by  • March 5, 2011 • Garden, How to, Projects, Winter

    Becoming stewards of our forest For some of us, here in the California foothills, especially those who live near the national forest, nature provides the perfect landscaping. Using the existing trees and native plants can help your garden design blend smoothly into the surrounding landscape.  Caring for  a large forest property has its challenges and...

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    Favorite posts

    by  • February 19, 2011 • Projects

    Here are some of the favorite posts of the last few months. It’s interesting to see what people like and what their search terms are.      Native plants of Lewis and Clark found in the Sierra Foothills            350 Using broken pots in garden                                                                      162 Sierra Nevada Webcams                                                                            154

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    Have you ever baked a pumpkin?

    by  • December 1, 2010 • How to, Projects

    Here’s a good reason to do so: When you have a pumpkin left over from Halloween and Thanksgiving, what can you do with it?  If it is still firm, you can bake it and use it for making holiday treats, saving some of the puree in the freezer for later. If my pumpkin has...

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    Using ‘found’ broken pots in the garden

    by  • November 23, 2010 • Design, Projects

     Oh, no! Someone has knocked down a pot of flowers and broken it!  Ah, well, it happens… And sometimes you see a broken pot at a sale and think why in the world are they selling that?  But wait, these can be bargains! Here is what I do. First I  started putting  a ‘carpet’...

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    Dave’s Garden Photo Contest entries

    by  • November 5, 2010 • Projects

    Dave’s garden is having a photo contest, so…I decided to enter the photo of the poppy ‘butterfly’ I saw next to the garden path last year, then found a few more I liked to enter. These are my entries…so far! There are many subject categories, for example, Annuals, Scenery or Pets and you can enter two photos per category. Each...

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