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    Current projects Archive:

    Autumn 2011!
    Plant bulbs along paths and
    miniature bulbs in containers
    Plant All CA native bed
    Tracking wildlife
    Add photos to Existing Natives List
    Weed meadow

    2011 Summer!
    Watering and deadheading
    Evaluating  turning on the drip system
    Small veggie garden
    Mulching and restoring watering basins
    Cataloging new plants found (inside project for high noons)
    Reading Judith Larner Lowrey’s book
    ‘The Landscaping Ideas of Jays’

    2011 Spring
    Weeding, a constant job of a native plant gardener
    East Meadow restoration
     Building benches along the paths
    Setting up my lounge (to collapse in)
    Setting out wintersown seedlings
    Moving plants too big for their places

    2011 Winter
       Sown Jan 1st
    Preparing for a trip to New Zealand
    Went, got back. Click on above link for the whole story, NZ Week.
    Garden clean up
    Weeding meadow– 1st  Feb 8

    2010 Late Fall
    Burning brush piles on rainy days
    Making family cookbook for Christmas gifts-Finished
    Getting 3 large oak trees trimmed-Finished
    Using mulch from trimmed trees on paths

    2010 Early Fall
    Clearing brush to reveal natural beauty
    Taking better garden photos
    Wildflower meadow- update here

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