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    by  • November 16, 2011 • How to, Something different


    –Nov 16  Today, I’m happy because I have found a way to create a blog archive in one step. On my wordpress.org blog, the easiest in the world, here’s what you do.  Click on Add New Page and type this:

    This is a photo because had I actually typed this out it would have created an archive right here.

    …that’s all.  Now you have a nice list of every post you’ve written, easy to scroll through, for others and you!  I put my page on my navigation bar. Now I will be able to copy it to MS Word and divide them all into categories.

    Lower 40, this morning

    Lower 40, this morning, walking the dog.

    Neat. 🙂

    –Nov 22 Update: As of today, I have finished a bit of blog housekeeping and categorized all the posts here in my new Blog Archive. One added benefit for me is that I now see what I have spent a lot of time recording and what I haven’t touched on at all.

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