• The ordinary and the amazing birdbath

    by  • September 29, 2011 • Garden art, Wildlife

    Birdbath love ♥

    As the garden flower color takes a back seat here in the Foothills, the wildlife have become the stars.  It’s been a regular Birdie-palooza here and I’ve moved the birdbath to a spot on the patio within view of the largest windows, with winter views in mind.

    New 'old' bird bath

    New ‘old’ bird bath

    When we can’t garden, it’s nice to be able to see out and have something interesting to observe. The birds really have been enjoying the reliable water source and seem to appear as soon as the sun peeks over the mountain. I’m having fun learning to recognize their different peeps and calls.

    We found the bird bath and the turquoise insulators at a yard sale last summer and they seemed to go together. I fill it with fresh water everyday and scrub it out with a scrub brush I keep out there handy. I noticed a crack dripping water and fixed it, I think, with GE II Silicone for exterior windows in clear.

    Magical bird bath

    Magical bird bath

    I hide behind the curtains, jumping up when I see the birds gather there, but somehow the goldfinches know when I’m there.  So many times, I’ve stood for some minutes, waiting, only to toss the camera down in frustration.  Lately, after getting quite a few shots, I’ve just been enjoying them, not trying to ‘capture’ them.

    The birdbath is the birds' community center

    The birdbath is the birds’ community center

    I hope to post photos soon of all the varieties commonly visiting. A bird bath seems to be an ordinary thing, but is turning out to be quite amazing, even magical to me.

    Update!  Western Bluebirds!

    Gorgeous Western bluebirds

    Gorgeous Western bluebirds

    Lesser Goldfinches!

    Happy birds Lesser Goldfinch

    Happy birds Lesser Goldfinch


    Acorn woodpeckers, FOUR of them!

    Four woodpeckers

    Four woodpeckers

    Easy steps to a clean birdbath

    Clean birdbath-featured


    Sue Langley, a passionate gardener and photographer lives and gardens with her husband and Corgi, Maggie on 7 acres just south of Yosemite, Zone 7 at 3000 feet. She also manages the Flea Market Gardening Facebook page and website.