• Bike race down 007 trail

    by  • April 29, 2002 • Our diary-the first five years, Sierra Foothills

    April 25-28
    Goat for the goat shed
    Wooden goat for the goat shed

     We snuck up here on the flimsy excuse that a bike race was taking place up the Central Camp road on a trail called 007. Larry used this trail for the dualsport rides.  We left in the neon and brought a box of strawberries, birdseed, more peanuts and lots of magazines

    On Friday we were invited to Paul and Renota’s for a barbecue. They have been meeting with fishing buddies on the same weekend for years. Wonderful dinner. Tri-tip, Marcie’s bacon, lettuce and tomato potato salad, beans, green salad and strawberries. Don didn’t come.

    View from the goat shed

    View from the goat shed

    Larry and Russ were going to ride on Saturday but it was rainy so they went out in the truck. I went to explore some of the second hand stores. Had dinner at Crab Cakes that night. Wildflowers about to bloom.

    First Daffodils

    Sunday we got up at 5am to go to the bicycle event. Larry had volunteered to drive a big truck up the hill, carrying the riders to the start of the race. I rode with him and we made more than 11 trips up and down! There are all kinds of people competing, young, old, male and female…all in real good shape. It was pretty amazing when compared to motorcycling. It’s interesting that everyone has their own thing. Left later that day. Work for Larry on Monday.


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